About Ali Kahya

Ali Kahya


       Ali long time professional entertainer, diversely skilled musician, playing and singing in both Eastern and Western styles.
       A native of Kayseri, Turkey, he began his musical training at an early age studying the recorder. By the time he reached his early teens, he took up accordion but later shifted his focus to the piano and received voice training while attending class at Istanbul City Conservatory.
Subsequently, he began performing in Istanbul’s clubs, restaurants and music halls. While continuing to perform Turkish and  Arabic music, Ali pursuing study of the double bass at the State Conservatory in Istanbul.
       He performed with well-known musicians such as Ara  Dinkjian, Omer Faruk Tekbilek, Yuri Yunakov, Mike Uzatmaciyan, Seido Salifoski, Tamer Pinarbasi, and Avram Pengas.
Other than countless gigs and being conductor of Contemporary Turkish Classical Music Choir. He is teaching  Turkish singing, maqam, and ensemble class at Folk Tours Middle Eastern Dance  and Music Camp.
      As an actor he acted one of Turkish sitcom Hello New York, he has also read children stories, and played the characters of Ali Baba,and Keloglan (Boldy Boy)recently took place at Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY and many cultural centers and City libraries.

Ali is now working as a music teacher at Brooklyn Amity School for the last fourteen  years.

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